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Soul-Care Partnership

~ Conscious Living Tribe Relatives ~
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Temple Candles


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Shamanic Energy Medicine

Dneecey's is a Latina owned bath and beautiful soul products business. I make all vegan items, including bath bombs, body butter, intention candles, crystal soaps, nail polishes, and more. I also make and sell smudge sets, crystals, jewelry, and the like. Everything handmade is made by me with the intention to encourage manifestation and self-love/growth. All of the stones are cleansed and charged. Each element is carefully selected from the color, to the herbs, to the intentions. At Dneecey's we believe true beauty is more than skin deep and self-love starts from conscious healing within. Everything we do is a product of that belief.

--Jennifer Ortiz 

dneeceys wellness
Dneeceys Soul Care
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