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Conscious Living Tribe

Friends in Nature

Harmonious Vibes!

Enroll in a Pledge of holistic energy medicine to honor your wellness and join our Conscious Living Tribe! Conscious living takes consistent effort with dedication and devotion, which Shamanic Wellness Hideaway applauds and matches your commitment with varied discounts and programs for all souls, wherever you may be on your healing journey. 

Conscious Living Tribe Perks

~Pledge1 Self-Allegiance: $5 off

~Pledge2 Self-Allegiance: 10% off

~Pledge3 Self-Allegiance: 15% off

~Pledge4 Self-Allegiance: 1FREE

~Pledge5 Self-Allegiance: $11 off each

~Pledge5+ Self-Allegiance: $11 off each + $33 off

~Testimonials-to-Connect Offer

~Spread'n Love-n-Light & Good Karma Program

~Tribe Promos

~Partner Promos

Star Cluster

Connect to learn more and deepen your journey of self-love and conscious living, pain-free.


210 - 935 - 1411



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