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Spiritual Lifelong Quest

San Antonio Shamanic Massage Therapist
San Antonio shamanic lightworker


San Antonio Shamanic Massage Therapist

I am a Natural Born Healer, Shamanic Lightworker, Full Mesa Carrier, Twin Flame, StarSeed, Astrologer, Neuro Somatic Yoga Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Traditional Chinese Medicine Graduate, and Transpersonal Coach assisting self-healing and raising consciousness for 20+ years. I specialize in tracking and removing energetic blockages, imprints, and implicit memories to relieve pain, restore mobility, harmonize emotional and mental mis-alignments, In-Person and Remote Healing.

I have been on a journey of self-discovery since my early childhood as I was attempting to understand my natural born gifts. As I grew into my adolescent years at the age of 13, my gifts grew louder with tactile visitations from the invisible realm, which led me into a cycle of in-patient and out-patient psychiatric care full of “hallucinations, delusions, grandiose tendencies, religious preoccupations," suicidal obsessions,

self-mutilation, anti-psychotics, anti-depressants, mood-stabilizers, stimulants, hypnotics, anti-anxiety medications from the ages of 16-20 and also was suggested Electric Shock Therapy (ECT) at the age of 19 since I had already gone through the list of medications that were intended to regulate my mood and reality.

At the age of 14, massage therapy chose me, unknowingly, and followed me until I was 18yrs old when I finally decided to accept massage BUT only as a way to take care of myself during college years; however, it guided and expanded my awareness for 20+ years of my born gifts with the invisible realm and with experience of how the physical, emotional, mental, energetic/spiritual bodies are all one and very interconnected with the importance of having all of your essence in harmony and in full alignment to keep all aspects of you healthy and free from any dis-ease.

At the age of 18, I began my soul’s evolution beyond my religious upbringing and expanded my awareness of spirituality which led me to better understand my gifts and function with great emotional, spiritual and mental health despite my DSM labels that required a lifetime of medications.

This is my spiritual journey since early childhood that I’ve embraced to help others awaken and free themselves from past traumas, imprints, slow-dense energies, limited beliefs, outdated programming, generational patterns, ancestral traumas, physical aches and pains, emotional disharmony, mental fog,

slow-spirited vibes.  

My passion is to connect with all walks of life who are looking for a deeper meaning of life, seeking their soul mission, seeking themselves, challenged with self-compassion & self-love, challenged with addictions, challenged with mental illness and especially anyone who has ever contemplated suicide to assist in bringing back their essence fragments, re-spark their joy, rewrite their story, and manifest their

highest and best life.   

My purpose is to provide a Shamanic Healing with a personalized blend of Energetic Bodywork with Somatic Therapy, Shamanic Medicine, Indigenous Healing Arts, Transpersonal Coaching, Sound Healing, Breathwork, Yoga Therapies, Mother Earth Therapies, Cosmos Therapies, and Elemental Therapies to help navigate you through your own unique journey of conscious living with self-awareness and self-love for a holistic realignment of your mind, body, soul, spirit.

My mission is to help uplift humanity, one soul at a time – Conscious living to gently take each stride with love and boldly step into your sovereignty pain-free.


Let’s Journey

San Antonio Shamanic Yoga Therapist
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San Antonio Shamanic Massage Healing
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