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Peace Be With You


Thank you for the honor and privilege of leading you through a shamanic journey and witnessing your healing at your pace and comfort level.

Keep your vibes High & ONE,


Escape 35 min

Escape 35 min 

Shamanic Assessment of muscle-energy blockages and where your thoughts & emotions linger in your body, Energetic Bodywork to clear out implicit memories and regain mobility without aches and pains, Sound Healing to clear out energetic debris, Transpersonal Coaching and Indigenous Healing Arts to guide the physical body towards holistic realignment. 

( @ $55 )

Hiatus 140 min

Hiatus 140 min

"Escape" + "Inner Retreat" + "Mini Sabbatical" plus Shamanic Drumming to work with shadow pieces/wounds and retrieve lost essence-fragments to restore your core-authentic self and break free from old stories/generational patterns, Indigenous Healing Arts Energy Medicine with Breathwork to clear/slower energies and raise/speed up to a higher vibrational state of consciousness for full conscious living while connecting to the energies of Mother Earth & the Cosmos.

( @ $220 ) 

Inner Retreat 70 min

Inner Retreat 70 min

"Escape" plus Shamanic Drumming mindful exercise to shift your brainwaves into non-waking conscious mode for deep peacefulness & deep muscle release, detailed Scalp & Ear Chinese Energy Medicine to assist the flow of energy and decongest tight muscles and stagnant energy.

( @ $110 )

Holistic Wellness with Alchemical Astrology

Begin a lifestyle of Holistic Wellness with Alchemical Astrology

Enlighten yourself with a snapshot of the sky at the exact moment of your birth and get to know yourself better with deep self-knowledge.

Our astrological blueprint acts similarly to our DNA and shows us our tendencies, strengths, challenges and gives us clues to major life lessons, personality traits, hidden desires and unlocks our energetic code to assist with navigating yourself with more ease for a conscious journey with

self-awareness to thrive

your soul's evolution. 

( @ $55+ )

Mini Sabbatical 105 min

Mini Sabbatical 105 min

"Escape" + "Inner Retreat" plus detailed Energetic Reflexology  (knees-feet + elbows-hands) treatment to amplify the flow of energy and provide a great jump start for all systems of the body, Mother Earth Therapies to optimize energy balance and restore harmony within your spirit, body and mind.

( @ $165 )

Bach Original Flower Remedies

Bach Original
Flower Remedies

Our energetic field resonates closest with the plant energies as nature provides a miraculous way to recalibrate our energy. Be one with the energies and sacred geometries of Mother Earth's plant creations and partake in the 38 remedies derived from plants and flowers to help you rediscover your inner sense of peace and restore emotional wellbeing in your everyday life. Your unique personalized blend of natural remedies will support your emotional wellness using a holistic approach with Mother Earth Therapies to quickly raise your frequency.

( @ $55 )

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