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holistic spa

Holistic Spa
*minutes from San Antonio, TX

Shamanism proclaims the physical body experiences discomfort and disease when there is a spiritual misalignment. When you are of two minds and not in congruence with your core seed, your body begins to reflect the dissonance within your soul, mental and emotional bodies. This creates hucha/low-dense energy within your energetic field which manifests into the physical body with aches, pains, diseases that can linger and become chronic without an adequate response to typical western medicine or without a full release with traditional massage therapy.

Holistic Shamanic Massage

Holistic-Alchemy Energetics

Massage. Breaking out of luxury...

Providing the solution holistically.


Designed for each individual's needs

Hideaway Massage Journey

The Hideaway designed a Shamanic-Holistic Massage Journey to guide your physical body back towards holistic realignment. Experience an intuitive healing from a 23year experienced shamanic lightworker LMT and receive a shamanic assessment to track the traumas and limited beliefs in your energetic field and implicit memories stored in your body. You'll engage with all aspects of what makes you whole with breathwork and shamanic sound healing plus energy work to provide your field and body a cleanse and release. 

Shamanic holistic massage therapy
Holistic  Massage Healing

Shamanic-Holistic Massage

The customized blend of guided energetic bodywork and massage, Andean Healing Arts, TCM Meridian Therapy, sound healing, Mother Earth Therapies and shamanic guided meditation will provide your mental, emotional, energetic/spiritual, physical bodies the deepest cleanse and flush for optimal balance and harmony within your spirit, body, soul, and mind.

Satisfaction Guarantee

To regain mobility without chronic aches and pains and to decongest tight muscles and stagnant energy, connect with us and schedule your Shamanic-Holistic Massage Journey!

We look forward to providing your body a shamanic healing during your customized massage!

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